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If you run a company that deals with the general public then it is in your interest to invest in public liability insurance and protect your business where possible. 

What is Public Liability Insurance?

Public Liability Insurance, also known as Public and Products Liability Insurance, protects your business in the event a member of the public is injured or has their property damaged while dealing with your business or products. Public Liability Insurance covers the cost of legal settlements you are liable to pay, in addition to covering your reasonable legal fees incurred to defend a claim against you.

What does Public Liability Insurance Cover?

If something unexpected happens during the course of normal business activities and someone is hurt – or if their property is destroyed or damaged – Public and Products Liability Insurance could help cover the resulting costs and ensure you stay in business.

What is covered?

  • Up to $20 million public liability – including personal injury, damage to property and advertising injury resulting from your business activities
  • Up to $20 million products liability – including personal injury, damage to property and advertising injury resulting from your products
  • Expenses incurred – when rendering first aid to a third party
  • Legal costs and expenses
  • Third party property – in your care, custody, or control

Who should have Public Liability Insurance?

If you interact with the general public as part of running your business, there is always a risk that an accident could happen. If a customer trips on an item at your business premises, or an employee damages customer property, you could be legally liable to cover the costs. This could include the cost of third-party compensation or expenses, in addition to the cost of funding your own legal defence.

Not only is public liability insurance important for your general protection when operating a business, a lot of contracts you enter into as a business will mandate that you have this insurance type and request proof of your policy.

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