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Whether you’re importing, exporting, moving, or delivering goods – protect your business from the risks of mother nature and misadventure.

Maritime and logistics industries are not exempt from today’s unprecedented levels of global uncertainty – find the right cover for your business to prevent any damage of loss.

What is Marine Transit Insurance?

Marine Transit Insurance covers your business for damage to insured property whilst in transit within Australia and overseas caused by certain defined events.  When you are provided the right cover, Marine Transit Insurance will cover repairing vessels, shipping or receiving goods, and marina operations.

 What does Marine Transit Insurance cover?

Marine Transit insurance provide cover for:

  • Goods in transit
  • Carriers cargo liability
  • Carriers goods in transit
  • Accidental Damage
  • Insured events – these are nominated by the insurers
  • Collision – covering vehicles, vessels, trains and/or airplanes that collide resulting in damages
  • Dropping when loading or unloading
  • Fire, explosions & lightning
  • Impact of goods with external objects
  • Malicious damage
  • Worldwide – imports & exports
    • Covers damage to property whilst in transit anywhere within the territorial limits caused by a defined event.
  • Within Australia – goods
    • Covers your goods or other people’s goods being transported by you or professional carriers.
    • Goods in transit could include stock, items held for service or repair and customers goods.

Who should have Marine Transit insurance?

Marine transit insurance is important for businesses involved in shipping or receiving goods, operating watercraft commercially, repairing vessels, running a marina and more.
It is also relevant for business who transport goods either nationally or globally to ensure their products are covered while in transit. Generally when you are relying on importation for the majority of your business operations, the impact of delays or accidents can be catastrophic and far reaching. Therefore it’s important to protect yourself (and your sub-contractors) from the risks.

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