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Cover your business assets, technology, and people as well as the premises

Business property insurance is wide ranging and can provide protection for your home office, or business with over $5,000,000 in assets

What is Business Property Insurance?

Business property insurance covers your building and its contents against damage and loss. You can select enough coverage to rebuild the structure and replace covered contents inside. Your policy can also cover improvements you’ve made to a leased space. Included within Business property insurance is Industrial specialised risk (ISR) which is a wide coverage business insurance policy specialised for high asset value business’.

What does Business Property Insurance Cover?

Business property insurance can provide cover for:

  • Fire and earthquake
  • Water or liquid damage
  • Vandalism
  • Accidental Damage to your building, contents and stock, for both owned and rented premises

What is Industrial Specialised Risk (ISR)?

Industrial Special Risk (ISR) Insurance is a wide coverage business insurance policy that provides cover for a range of loss scenarios or damage done to high value physical assets including property, buildings, materials and machinery.
This insurance is suitable for businesses with a combination of more than $5,000,000 of physical assets.

What does Industrial Specialise Risk cover?

Unlike property cover in standard business property insurance, an industrial special risks policy covers key events, unless they are specifically excluded under your policy terms.
The standard ISR covers include:

  • Losses arising from natural disasters, fires, weather events
  • Theft, malicious and accidental damage
  • Business interruption due to physical damage, prevention of access or failure of public utilities
  • Removal of debris and more

Any excluded risks can be added as extensions or as standalone policies upon review if this is important to your business operations and protection.

In regard to property loss – Industrial specialised risk typically covers:

  • Asset replacement – buildings, stock, contents, machinery, theft, money, glass
  • Fees – architects, engineers, surveyors and other reinstatement services
  • Regulatory Fees – rebuilding approvals and necessary statutory compliance costs
  • Accessory replacement – Locks, alarms, keys and combinations if stolen or damaged
  • Damages – debris removal, reinforcement of structure and interim repairs
  • Valuables – repairing or replacing staff valuables left on premises
  • Fire expenses – cost of suppressing fire and restocking fire protection equipment

Who should have Industrial Specialised Risk?

Industrial Specialised Risk insurance is relevant for businesses with a combination of more than $5,000,000 of physical assets. Knowing that ISR can cover an owned or leased property is important. Just because you don’t own the property doesn’t mean you cannot protect your business operating on the premise which is a great benefit to you when you are responsible for the fit out, equipment and people inside.

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