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Tailored packaged insurance solutions for small to medium sized businesses.

Select the insurance modules relevant for your business to achieve the most complete policy solution.

What is Business Pack Insurance?

Business Pack insurance offers a choice of 14 covers for your business including:

  • Liability
  • Property
  • Business Interruption and more, in one flexible policy.

What does Business Pack Insurance Cover?

Business Packs generally include Public & Products Liability and many now also offer a Commercial Motor Vehicle section. The selection of covers which can be included are:

  • Public and Product liability
  • Damage at the business location
  • Damage to specified property
  • Property in transit
  • Business interruption
  • Machinery breakdown
  • Electronic equipment breakdown
  • Theft or dishonesty by employees
  • Theft of property
  • Theft of money
  • Damage to glass
  • Legal action by employees (Employment Practices)
  • Legal action by government (Statutory Liability)
  • Tax audit by government

Who should have Business Pack Insurance?

We understand that running a business is your core priority, regardless of the industry you are in. Business Packs provides a wide range of business insurance protection and lets you tailor the cover you need for your business including construction, real estate, professional services, transport & Warehousing and farming.

This customisable business insurance provides a range of different insurance types all under one policy – so no matter the industry you can be covered.

Why insure with Amfin?

At Amfin, we take pride in the advice we give our clients. To us, it’s more than just insurance, it’s tailored advice to help you plan your today and secure your tomorrow.

We will work with you to ensure both the essentials and your requirements are covered. Peace of mind is what we will deliver for you by ensuring you have a thorough policy that won’t catch you by surprise. Our team of knowledgeable consultants are here to understand your needs to find the right policy cover. Chat to us for a tailored insurance solution for your unique needs.

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