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Start ups, mergers, new acquisitions and more can be covered by us.

For all business acquisitions we will look at the entire scope of your opportunity and find the best finance solution to fit. Whether it be a straight cash loan or a mixture of equipment, property and cash, we will find the best structure for your unique acquisition. Setting up a new business can be complex at the best of times, Amfin and our expert panel of lenders are here to simplify the process and get you up and running within the right timeframe.

What is business Acquisition Finance and how does it work?

When purchasing a business, you may not have all the cash on hand and require a loan to take over the operations. This can be anything from a new business, existing business, franchise and more. You can finance the business transaction as a business loan in various ways, as well as looking at any assets such as property or equipment, as separate or inclusive finance transactions to get the best structured deal for you.

How much can I borrow?

We work with business acquisition deals of varying size with the amount being dependent on the type of business, the assets currently held by the company you are looking to acquire and on the availability of property security.

As a general guide we can secure:

  • Up to $250,000 with no property security. Generally these loans require up to a 30% deposit depending on strength of your profile upon application.
  • Greater than $250,000+ loans can be achieved with property security or where you are borrowing against an existing business with strong cashflow to match. Pending on the loan to value ratio a deposit may not be necessary.

How long is the term for Acquisition Finance?

Acquisition finance loans generally have a term of 1-4 years, depending on the type of security that the new business can offer e.g. equipment, business loans or property.

Types of Acquisition Finance

Here are some common types of acquisition financing

  • Business Loan – Secured by the new business you are purchasing
  • Business Loan – Secured by an existing business you own
  • Business Loan – Secured by property
  • Debtor Finance – Secured by the balance sheet
  • Other elements of your business acquisition can be financed separately through equipment and fit out finance too.

How do I apply?

If you would like to know more or need assistance determining the best equipment financing solution for you, one of our experienced finance consultants are happy to assist, contact us today.

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