Client Success Story – New Car (Vehicle Sourcing & Secured Loan)

Client Success Story – New Car (Vehicle Sourcing & Secured Loan)
At Amfin, in addition to our dedicated consumer lending team, we also have an internal asset sourcing team, which often work hand in hand to ensure you get the best deal, in the quickest time frame.

With the new car market challenges, mostly due to long wait times ranging between 3 – 12 months as well as price hikes due to stock shortages. Securing the ideal car is increasingly difficult and this was the case for our client recently


We initially provided only the finance for the client when purchasing a new car through a dealership


The client returned to Amfin as the dealership had sold the vehicle out from underneath them, despite having paid a deposit.






















A new car of the same make and similar model was delivered to the client within three days of the initial contact, the same date which the original car was to be delivered.

Through the cohesive operation of two of our service offerings (finance & sourcing teams) we were able to deliver a wholistic service to our client in a short time frame, meeting all the desired requirements.