Client Success Story – Medical Treatment ( Personal Loan)

Client Success Story – Medical Treatment ( Personal Loan)
Our client's father needed urgent hospital treatment. Unfortunately, the client did not have the funds, nor a high enough credit card limit to cover the emergency treatment required immediately.

The key obstacle for this deal was that the treatment needed to be paid for within 24 hours.

Our Finance Consultant, Miriam, escalated the submission with the Lender, enabling a $40,000 Personal Loan to be approved within 3 hours. This ensured a smooth experience for the client under already stressful circumstances.

Securing Personal Loans is often an easy process. This type of financing allows our clients the flexibility to use the funds for a range of purposes such as medical expenses. Plus, they have the benefit of faster approval times compared to other finance products.

Outside of the emergency circumstances shared in this success story, Personal Loans are often secured for a variety of purposes including;

  • Home renovations
  • Secondary business purchases/investments
  • Educational funding
  • Deposit gaps
  • Legal fees