Client Success Story – Home Improvements (Personal Loan)

Client Success Story – Home Improvements (Personal Loan)
Often clients will come to us for finance opportunities without knowledge of their credit history, score and the activities that can adversely impact these and therefore future loan applications.

Helping clients understand their score and the key factors influencing it, places them in a better position moving forward to allow future applications to run smoothly. Our associate, Martin, recently had a client who had an adverse credit history, however he was still able to guide them through the process and find a solution for them.


The client was seeking a personal loan to use for urgent home improvements required on their house.


Initially the client was unable to obtain finance due to a couple of payday loans visible on their credit file.


Whilst we are not financial planners, Martin understands lender credit policies well and was able to explain to the client that if the payday loans are paid in full, generally 3 months after that they would be in a better position to qualify for a loan of this nature.


After awaiting the suggested 3 months, Martin contacted the client to see if they paid off the loans or not. As the client had, we reapplied for the loan and within 24 hours had approval and settlement on a $15,000 personal loan. The client was then able to complete their vital home improvements.

By assisting the client through their loan application and providing insights into where lenders see risk, Martin was able to not only achieve a great result for the client but also provide excellent service at all stages of the client’s journey, even when delivering a no.