Client Success Story – Education (Personal Loan)

Client Success Story – Education (Personal Loan)
Recently, one of our clients wanted to participate in an educational course, designed to teach them how to gain a passive income through property investment.

The client needed to pay for the course upfront and was seeking a personal loan. The challenge here was that the client had requested hardship assistance over 12 months ago from a financial institution. Although the hardship was rectified, the client still had:

  • Debt collection showing on their bank statements
  • Multiple dishonors

The key requirements for this deal were:

  • The client needed to obtain $30,000 to pay for the educational course within 3 business days
  • We needed to work with a lender who would understand the human circumstances behind the client’s financial history

Whilst the client’s profile was rejected by 3 lenders, our Senior Finance Consultant Alex, was able to find a lender that was willing to work off policy and provide the funds to the client by looking at their case in detail.

Other aspects of this deal were:

  • Turnaround Time: 2 days
  • Loan Term: 60 Months

Alex was able to deliver the outcome within 2 business days and the client was able to pay for the course up front despite their financial history.