Client Success Story – Deposit Gap for Investment Property (Personal Loan)

Client Success Story – Deposit Gap for Investment Property (Personal Loan)
In many circumstances time is most definitely of the essence.

This was certainly the case for today’s success story, where our consumer consultant, Daniel, navigated the client through not only a tricky deal, but an even tighter timeframe.


The client was finalising finance for the purchase of a second property.


2 days prior to signing the contract for their investment property, the client discovered they were $30,000 short on the required deposit. They had already drawn down on their current home loan and needed to secure a personal loan to cover the $30,000 short fall within 36 hours.


After making first contact with Daniel at 5pm that day, Daniel worked on behalf of the client to find a lender who would service them based on both the existing and new mortgage. Daniel then followed up and escalated the deal with the lender, aiming to secure the fast turnaround required.


The client’s personal loan was approved at midday the following day, 17hrs from the initial conversation, with funds transferred by close of business that same day.
The client received a $30,000 personal loan and achieved settlement on their investment property the next day.

Our core value at Amfin is customer service & excellence, which is on display throughout this case study. Our consultant Daniel went above and beyond for this client and utilised his industry relationships to secure the best result. In addition, the breadth of Amfin’s panel allowed him to be confident that a solution could be achieved.