Asset Sourcing

Benefits of Amfin Asset Sourcing

Our dedicated Asset Sourcing team can do the hard work for you to source and secure your dream car. 

Over 500 Dealerships

Our team has existing relationships with over 500 new car dealerships Australia wide to make sure you are getting the best deal.

New & Used Cars

What can we help with? New cars, used cars, trade ins, comparisons and even advice for buying and selling a car.


We handle all your paperwork from order, to invoicing and delivery.

Quick Turnaround

We can speed the process along and help to get you that settlement happening quicker than expected.

How It Works

Our dedicated team of asset sourcing professionals are here to make the search, ordering & delivery of your new car simple.


Get In Touch

Make and enquire via our easy to use online form. 


We'll be in touch

We’ll call you to gather the specifics of your search and let you know how we can assist.



Once we get your results we’ll be in touch to let you know what they are and how they compare to the market



Let us handle all the paperwork and logistics involved with ordering your new car.



Once everything has been organised we will arrange to have your new car delivered to you.

Ready to Get Started

We have friendly and experienced team members ready to help with your finance needs, whether they be business or personal.

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