Asset Sourcing with Amfin

Asset Sourcing with Amfin
As you will be aware the new car market has been a hive of change over the past few years. Supply has been impacted by the pandemic and other global events, while consumer demands continue to evolve

As a result, you may be finding it difficult to source a specific asset or vehicle. Amfin’s asset sourcing team is ready and waiting to assist.

Below is a snapshot of the current market challenges:

  • Average wait times for new vehicles range from 3 -12 months depending on the brand and model.
  • High demand for specific models is exacerbating lead times further, for example:
    • SUVs accounted for over 50% of sales so far in 2022.
    • Petrol-Electric hybrid vehicles continue to rise in popularity with an increase of 27% compared to last year.
  • Manufacturing recovery due to the pandemic and continuous semiconductor shortages have led to increases in waiting times.
  • Half as many car-carrying ships arrive every week in Australia, which adds to wait times.

At Amfin, our asset sourcing team can make the new car market more accessible for your clients through the following services:

Amfin’s sourcing team can help you achieve best deal possible, reduce wait time, sense check the market or simply do the heavy lifting for you.